Van Mourik has developed a process audit to make the production process and the status of the installations transparent. We map all the data of the production process in real time and can thus proactively take action and optimize the production process.

  • Realizing energy reduction

    We deliver a Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP) – for sustainable production and lowering the energy costs.

  • Increasing the capacity

    Reducing contamination and increasing the capacity of the existing installation.

Process Optimization

Our audit team consists of process specialists in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with knowledge of the production process. The team carries out the audit and each specialist studies part of the production process from his or her own expertise. The main goal is to provide insight into which points require attention in order to optimize the process. For example: by increasing production, improving quality or reducing energy consumption.

Customer enquiry can also be informative. For example, whether it is possible to increase the production capacity in the factory using existing machinery. The calibrated solutions mainly focus on costly investments in new production machines. The process audit could show that the customer can also achieve the desired capacity increase with relatively simple measures. This results in lower investment costs.

Expansion of Process Audit

By installing sensors, we extend the process audit. This allows us to collect relevant data from the production process for a long time and make it transparent. Van Mourik works with the Innius Smart Industry Platform. This powerful industrial software platform supports us in mapping the real-time data. The sensor data we collect is mainly aimed at energy consumption, overall equipment effectiveness and the capacity of the production process.

By analyzing the real-time data and applying it intelligently, we make it possible to proactively take action on the production process. For example, to utilize the capacity of the line even better.

Proactive Management and Analysis

The critical performance indicators are available in real time. Think of overall equipment effectiveness, mean time to repair and mean time between failures. We inform the people involved proactively via the Innius platform when they have to take action and which actions they have to take. This means that we proactively manage and analyze the status of the line, both from the process management as well as the technical management.

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